Parks & Municipal Equipment:

Public and commercial use auxilliary and heavy duty outdoor parks area equipment specifically for outdoor municipal and leisure use.

Municipal street furniture manufactured and installed specifically for outdoor sports or leisure and recreational environments.
Robust outdoor public use equipment is designed for placement in high user areas such as public playgrounds, recreational areas, schools, universities and commercial sports clubs and leisure centres.

Parks & Public Use Seating.

Public use park bench seating and public seating
Public seating is a welcome addition to any sports and recreation event and allows for a comfortable inclusive experience. Durable heavy duty seating options available in contemporary and traditional styles.

Litter Bins & Waste Control.

Public use litter bins and recycling bins
Waste control is an important auxilliary item for public use sports and recreation areas. Modus offer a range of functional outdoor steel and PVC litter bins and recycling equipment suitable for public installation.

Indoor and outdoor parks and public use leisure and sports facility auxilliary equipment. Heavy duty indoor sports equipment accessories and equipment installations for schools, universities, leisure and sports centres.

Park sports equipment installation and supply

Municipal and parks and leisure equipment available with a high quality manufacture suitable for public facility use. Offering a wide range of options for local authority and institutional facilities with a nationwide installation service.

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Public Seating

Park benche street furniture for public and council use street furniture.

Public parks and municipal area anti vandal outdoor seating benches and street furniture.

Park Goalposts

Park football and rugby goalposts.

Public use fixed in ground anti vandal sports equipment, fixed rugby and football goalposts.


Outdoor praks playground equipment.

Public use recreation and outdoor playground facility equipment design and installation.

Sports & Leisure

public park tennis court area design and installation.

Outdoor public and commercial use sports and leisure area design and construction services.